Encouraging More Adults to Swim
Fitness Events

Goal Setting and Fitness Events

Setting goals for yourself is an important part of an individual fitness swimming program. Your goals may involve one of the following: reducing your time required to swim a certain distance, being able to swim a certain distance in one outing, swimming a certain accumulated distance over several weeks or months, learning to swim a new stroke, or a number of other interesting possibilities. What is most important is to have a goal that you are trying to achieve. USMS sponsors postal fitness events throughout the year to help our swimmers set goals for themselves.

USMS Fitness Events

The USMS Fitness Committee is planning some fun, challenging events for this year. These events will be less competitive in nature, and can be done any time at any pool. You can use an event to set a goal, which will make your time in the pool more interesting, challenging, and fun. Your goals may involve any number of possibilities, such as learning to swim a new stroke, swimming faster, swimming greater distances, or logging your distance over time. Having a goal is an ideal way to enhance your exercise and fitness experience, so consider trying one of the USMS Fitness Events.

Go The Distance

Go The Distance

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