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What is a USMS membership?

A USMS membership allows an athlete to practice with local Masters Swimming programs and participate in USMS-sanctioned meets while receiving membership benefits that include a subscription to SWIMMER magazine, the STREAMLINES eNewsletter, inclusion in the USMS national times database, discounts from USMS partners, insurance coverage, and eligibility to qualify for and compete in USMS National Championship events.

A yearly membership also includes access to more than 2,600 USMS-certified coaches, a network of 1,500 Masters swim clubs and workout groups, written practices tailored to what you’re training for, and fitness tracking of multiple activities in your personalized Fitness Log.

How do I become a USMS member?

The fastest way to become a member is on our Member Registration page. Once the registration process is completed, you can print a copy of your membership card and start using your membership immediately to register for meets and take advantage of discounts from our partners.


Become a USMS member today!


If you have any questions, please contact our membership team at 941-256-USMS (8767) or email

What are Membership fees?

A USMS membership fee consists of a national fee of $43 and a Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) Fee ranging from $3-$21.This yearly membership comes with discounts from our partners.

What is a Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC)?

When you become a member of USMS, in addition to registering with a club or workout group or as an unattached swimmer, you also become a member of your Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC). Your LMSC is a regional governing body that provides certain benefits to USMS members, including printed registration cards, event sanctions, newsletters about activities within the LMSC, websites, awards and recognition, and social activities. Your LMSC officers are local volunteers, sit on USMS national committees, and vote on policies that set the overall direction for USMS.

To learn more check out our LMSC information page.

Where does my USMS membership fee go?

Membership fees are used towards making an investment in expanded programs, services, and membership benefits. These include more training courses for coaches, member clinics throughout the country, stroke development clinics for swimmers, a digital version of SWIMMER magazine, a College Club program, Adult Learn-to-Swim classes, and more member discounts and offers.


Become a USMS member today!


Is a USMS membership based on a calendar year or a revolving year?

USMS membership is based on a calendar year period (January-December).

Can I cancel and/or defer my membership?

All memberships sold have a no refund/deferment/transfer policy. 


Members-Only Features on

How do I update my member information (address, phone number, email, etc.)?

You can update your member information without a login here.

How do I retrieve a copy of my membership card?

You can retrieve a copy of your membership card here.

How do I change my club affiliation?

Changing your club affiliation is considered a “club transfer” and is done through the local registrar of the LMSC in which the new club is located. Contact the LMSC registrar from this list for more information.

How can I read SWIMMER magazine online?

You can read SWIMMER magazine (including back issues) online here. Just fill in the required (red asterisk) information.

How can I access the members-only, coached workouts in the discussion forums on

You need to create an account and login to access the coached workouts. Please follow these illustrated instructions, through PAGE 9, to set up your account and tie it to your USMS membership number.

I set up my account but I still can’t see the coached workouts. What else do I need to do?

There's one easy step for you to do (and you'll only have to do it once):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "MyUSMS" in the very upper right portion of the page
  3. If it says that you are logged in, LOG OUT
  4. Click on "MyUSMS" again
  5. SCROLL DOWN and log in using the SECOND method (username and password)
  6. Once you're logged in, click on the link where it asks you if you want to set up your MyUSMS account
  7. Enter the required information (it will include your USMS number)

That should do it - from then on, you'll have access to the members-only section of the site any time you log in to MyUSMS!

My date of birth is incorrect on my membership profile, how do I correct this?

To correct your date of birth please contact the contact the USMS membership team at 941-256-USMS (8767) or

I need to print my USMS membership card.

You can print your membership card easily at home by logging into your MyUSMS account. 

Insurance Coverage

What does the insurance cover? 

Coverage while participating in USMS-insured activities, includes $25,000 of excess accident insurance for medical and dental, $5,000 of accidental death insurance, up to $650 of temporary disability insurance, and liability insurance for USMS practices, meets, and approved activities.

For more information please contact the USMS membership team at 941-556-USMS (8767) or


Guest Membership

I am a USMS Member but will be traveling. Can I swim in a different Masters program?

Yes, check out our Places to Swim for programs across the country. When you’re traveling and plan to swim with a local team, remember to take your current USMS card with you. USMS insurance coverage requires that all swimmers in a USMS-sanctioned workout be members, and the club may need to verify your membership. *At many clubs and facilities fees and workout times may vary from what is postedso it’s important to connect with your local program for details.

What is a 30-Day Trial/Tryout?

USMS offers a 30-day tryout (guest membership) for prospective members who would like to try out a couple of workouts before joining a Masters program. One tryout period per lifetime is allowed and may not exceed 30 consecutive days. 

  • Tryout memberships are for workouts or clinics only.
  • Tryout memberships cannot be used to participate in swim meets or open water race events.
  • A tryout membership provides secondary personal accident coverage to the participant while participating in the USMS activity.
  • A swimmer who has been previously registered with USMS in a prior year is not eligible for the 30-day tryout.

The 30-Day Tryout registration form must be completed and signed by the participant on their first day of attendance.

Question Still Not Answered?

If you did not find what you were looking for, please contact our membership team at 941-256-USMS (8767) or email

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