April is Adult Learn-to-Swim Month


According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than a third adults in the United States can’t swim the length of a pool, which puts them at risk of being one of the 10 people who drown every day in the United States.

The USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, U.S. Masters Swimming’s charitable arm, has declared the month of April “Adult Learn-to-Swim Month.” That’s when pools, lakes, and beaches are opening up for spring and summer recreation. 

If you or a loved one doesn’t know how to swim, contact one of the below resources and get started! Swimming skills can save your life both by preventing drowning, and by providing you with the skills needed to make swimming for fitness part of a long-term healthy lifestyle.

How do I find adult learn-to-swim lessons?

Use our searchable list of USMS-certified Adult Learn to Swim instructors to find a qualified instructor near you. You can also check our Places to Swim search tool to find Masters Swimming programs in your area. Not all Masters Swimming programs offer learn-to-swim lessons, so you'll need to contact the programs and ask them if they offer lessons. You can also check our list of USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation partners—these are programs that have received funding and training from the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation for their adult learn-to-swim lessons—to see if they're currently offering lessons.

If you can’t find adult learn-to-swim lessons in your area, or would like more information, please contact us at alts@usmastersswimming.org.

For learn-to-swim lessons for children, contact the USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash program.

How can our Masters Swimming program get involved?

Check out the following resources for launching and running an April is Adult Learn-to-Swim Month program.

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